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Images that inspire connection to the Sacred Presence within us all.  

Two decks of 40 Art Cards each (80 Art Cards total), with two companion booklets offering intentions and invitations for spiritual reflection and inspiration.  Includes both the Come Through and Deep Breath Collections, wrapped in a simple decorative band.  Enjoy the set together or separate the decks to give separately.

Choose a card and ask for insight, wisdom, peace, or courage.  Start a conversation about what you see in an image.  Discover your own way to enjoy Listen For Joy Art Cards.

Cards are 3.5 x 5 inches.  See the Listen For Joy Art Cards Page for more description.

Come Through Collection Deck or the Deep Breath Collection Deck also available individually.

3 or more sets receive $3 discount each.  Read Sales Terms for delivery, shipping & payment info.

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Price: $55.00