Thank you for your interest in purchasing original art!  I’m grateful to offer images for your consideration. 

Here are some additional information and details to help us arrange a purchase and delivery.

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Arrange the purchase:
Call or email Melanie to arrange an original art purchase.  I don’t sell original art in the online store, so please contact me directly by phone or email.  Thanks!

Check or money order, PayPal email invoice, or Credit Card number over the phone.  Confirm your payment type with me when we talk by phone or email.  Ask about a 3-month payment plan option.

Shipping cost will be added to the purchase price.  The cost will vary according to the type and size of the art original, its insurance value, and the speed of delivery.

Frames or mats not included with original art.  Please visit a framing professional in your area for their services and suggestions.  UV protected glass can be helpful as a framing option.  Do not hang an original art work in direct sunlight or strong light of any kind–even if you have protected glass– as it can fade or damage the materials.

Art prints:
I understand that original art pricing can be a difficult investment for many of us, myself included!  I’m grateful to be able to offer three additional ways to engage my art images:

— Giclée art prints:  Expert quality fine art prints on watercolor paper, hand signed, and numbered in editions of 198.  These are a gorgeous alternative to originals, and rival the brightness, color, and texture of the paintings themselves.  $145-$225, depending on size.  Look for giclée size options in the pull-down size option menus on each image listed in the Shop.  Giclée orders require about 2 weeks for fulfillment.  See Print Details.  If you’d like a giclée of an image that doesn’t list that option, contact me and I’ll see whether it’s possible to make it for you.

— Standard art prints: 11×14-inch digital laser prints on quality paper, $20 each.  See the Shop for available images.  If you’re looking for one that isn’t listed there, contact me and I’ll see whether I can make a special order print for an additional $5.

— Website: Everyone is invited to enjoy free viewing on this website, anytime.  (Please don’t copy or distribute the images without permission, but feel free to link to these pages and share them.  See Copyright.  Thanks.)

“Vintage” category:  
Art listed in the “vintage” category of the Originals for Sale page was created early in my career, generally from 1998 to 2002.  Most of those originals are signed with my married name at the time, “Melanie Weidner Watson.”  After 2002 when that relationship ended, I returned to my maiden name, “Weidner.”


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