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Comments on Art Imagery:

“Words alone can not express how touched I have been by your artwork.  You paint what I feel in my soul.

“You inspire me to take time to sift out that which is within.”

“I stumbled upon your website (or should I say, it stumbled upon me) when I typed in my Google search.  I’ve just spent the last hour viewing your images and reading your words of wisdom, and I wanted to know that you have truly touched my soul across the miles.”

“Your work represents a wonderful expression of the dialogue that you are having with the Holy One. It fills me with joy and encourages me to be attentive to the ways that God is moving in my life.  Keep listening, practicing, and experimenting– I look forward to seeing more of what you and God do together.”

“The feeling the paintings evoke is joyful, yet they portray a personal struggle.”

“I got to your website through a friend who had ordered several of your prints. Just looking around your site at your beautiful art was a devotional experience for me — thank you!  I hope to be able to order some of your work for my office soon.”

“Friends recently gave me one of your prints and I wanted to tell you how much I like it!  They thought it might speak to a place I’m at in life right now, and it does.  There are certain things I’ve felt trapped by, and it is hard to love and appreciate the growing pains and the waiting for clarity.  Your image speaks to that, and even helps me think more clearly about it. Thanks so much!”

“I’m a pastor at a small United Methodist Church in Vermont. I came upon your website while searching for Ash Wednesday images and was just blown away by your watercolors. You evoke a profound sense of faith and wonder without a hint of over-wrought sentimentalism.”

“I just love your work Melanie, it is rich with the feminine while at the same time conveys a strength that can be lost when attempting to image God in this manner. Your work stands on its own as the completeness of God, not a partial attribute that is assigned feminine.  Thanks for your effort and the gift of your creations.

“So much of your art — and the messages in it — speak to my own questions and doubts and to my faith and trust in God.”

“I wanted to thank you for creating images that have stayed with me for over six years now.”

“I want to THANK you for having the confidence to express exactly what you feel and believe in your artwork. For a young artist like myself, this is fuel and motivation to continue on in my journey.”

“Thank you for the beautiful prints which arrived safely and in perfect condition today. I shall treasure them and very much enjoy having them in my home as a source of inspiration and connection to the universe.”

“I wanted to let you know that your prints arrived at the end of last week and I already have them up in my office. They are perfect additions and I’ve already had so many compliments on them. Thank you so much for making your art available for many to enjoy!”

“Melanie, your art and your comments are engaging, evocative and inspiring. Thank you for this excellent work.”

“I gave the art print to my friend on Valentines Day, and she caught her breath and said, “That is just what I always thought God looked like!  Where did you FIND this?!” And then we had a really wonderful talk about how she’s finding her way back to an unconditionally loving God.  It was so good to see her all lit up, like herself, for once– there’s been this cloud of depression over her for the last year or so.  Thank you.”

“I just looked at your website and saw your ‘More Free Collage.’ [See blog post.] Thank you.  It gives me courage as I struggle too with being freer to express who I am.  I came out many years ago but still I feel the prison bars at times and long to be free.  You have inspired me to start exploring this process in my own art.”

“Thank you so very much for engaging so beautifully in your life work, it has made such a difference in mine.”