Find beauty in your own story, and ours.

Feeling stuck, lost, or discouraged?  Want to jump-start a real conversation with yourself, a client, or someone you love?  Need a way to connect with the Sacred Presence?

Choose a Listen For Joy Art Card, and take a spiritual journey.

Two decks, each with 40 Art Cards and a companion booklet.


Listen For Joy Art Cards are available in two collections:  the Deep Breath Collection, and Come Through Collection.  Each comes with a brief companion booklet offering intentions and invitations for spiritual reflection and inspiration.


Here are the cards in each deck collection:


The two decks are also available grouped together as the Two Deck Set.   The set includes one Come Through Collection and one Deep Breath Collection, wrapped in a decorative paper band.


Both decks come with their own Companion Booklet that includes card intention names, simple written invitations, and ideas about being in balance or out of balance with each card image.

Sample booklet pages:


From the Booklet Introduction:

This art can’t wait to spend time with you, ask you good questions, and give you a boost when you’re struggling and need to remember hope and joy.  I know this because they’ve been so good to me and my students, clients, and friends over the years.  

Personally, I often draw a card with prayerful intention when I feel unsure, frustrated, or afraid, to see what message I receive.  With a client in a listening session, we might pick an image and wonder about how it relates to their spiritual journey.  In a group, I sometimes invite each person to choose a card and tell a story about what they see and feel. 

I believe these art cards want to go to new places, meet new people, and start fresh conversations about things that matter.  Where will you take them?  Maybe they’ll visit homes, dorm rooms, places of worship, retreat centers, schools, hospitals, prisons, office buildings, or even halls of government.  

And how will you use them?  Maybe once a year for a conference or workshop session, once a month in a book group chat, once a week to give away to a loved one, or once a day as a personal prompt for journal writing.  You and the art cards will find so many ways and places to experience each other.  I’m curious to know what will unfold!


Thanks to all who helped fund the printing of these Art Cards!!  Our successful Kickstarter campaign ended November 21, 2017.  308 people backed the project for $24,252– 151% of the goal!  See an archive website of the campaign here.

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