Honoring 12 years of inspiring, beautiful work as a spiritual director/listener. ¬†Deepest gratitude to each person who trusted me with their soul journey in our amazing conversations… I am in awe.

I’m taking a sabbatical this winter to listen for guidance on what comes next in my life and work.

From the Art Cards– Intention: Connection

Invitation: To show up and really listen. To speak from our hearts and depths. To discover something new in thetelling of our stories. To grow our connections to include diverse people and communities.

In balance: Sharing authentically, beyond surface talk. Being vulnerable and trust- worthy enough to create a safe space for real relationship. Unlocking wisdom together.

Out of balance: Refusing to risk an unedited encounter. Denying a true exchange, based on pre-judgments about what we might hear or whether it will challenge us.

Listen For Joy Art Card #13 in the Deep Breath Collection