Tell the Truth

I drew an Art Card before a difficult phone call on Monday, prayerfully asking for a message of spiritual support.  Got the “Truth” card– wow– convicted by my own art and writing!

“Say the real thing, not the easy thing.”

“Out of balance: Editing in order to keep up appearances.”

It echoed what I already knew in my heart about speaking up.  So I followed that guidance and was met with acceptance!  Feeling glad, grateful, and free.

How are you using the Listen For Joy Art Cards?  Would you like to order your own deck or set, or give them as gifts?  I’d be glad to share them with you.  —Melanie

2 Responses to “Tell the Truth”

  1. Lisa L

    When I find a quiet moment I randomly pick a card and ponder on it. They are always spot on and so transformative. The beauty of your art and your words are inspirational. My oldest child was leaving a negative relationship. She pulled the wholeness card. She broke down in tears as she read the out of balance words: trying to be all things to all people.- she knew she needed to own her own thoughts and beliefs and struggles with transfoeming to others. I gave her the card. She will get herself back – I am sure of it. Thank you.

    • melanie

      Dear Lisa– I am so moved and grateful for your story! Bless your daughter’s strength to see herself and her situation clearly with the help of the Wholeness card and you. Yes, she can come through! I will add my prayers for you both. Thank you for sharing this amazing moment. –Melanie


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