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Winter Sabbatical

Honoring 12 years of inspiring, beautiful work as a spiritual director/listener.  Deepest gratitude to each person who trusted me with their soul journey in our amazing conversations… I am in awe.

I’m taking a sabbatical this winter to listen for guidance on what comes next in my life and work.

From the Art Cards– Intention: Connection

Invitation: To show up and really listen. To speak from our hearts and depths. To discover something new in thetelling of our stories. To grow our connections to include diverse people and communities.

In balance: Sharing authentically, beyond surface talk. Being vulnerable and trust- worthy enough to create a safe space for real relationship. Unlocking wisdom together.

Out of balance: Refusing to risk an unedited encounter. Denying a true exchange, based on pre-judgments about what we might hear or whether it will challenge us.

Listen For Joy Art Card #13 in the Deep Breath Collection

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Tell the Truth

I drew an Art Card before a difficult phone call on Monday, prayerfully asking for a message of spiritual support.  Got the “Truth” card– wow– convicted by my own art and writing!

“Say the real thing, not the easy thing.”

“Out of balance: Editing in order to keep up appearances.”

It echoed what I already knew in my heart about speaking up.  So I followed that guidance and was met with acceptance!  Feeling glad, grateful, and free.

How are you using the Listen For Joy Art Cards?  Would you like to order your own deck or set, or give them as gifts?  I’d be glad to share them with you.  —Melanie


Art Cards Available Online

Good news— the Listen For Joy Art Card Decks are now available for purchase in my online shop!  Inspire your loved ones or lift your own spirits this holiday season with a gift of art and companion booklets.

See 3 Ways to Order for more buying options.  International shipping also available.

Looks like I’ll have enough decks for holiday ordering… but it wouldn’t hurt to buy yours now to be sure.  Please order by December 15 for Christmas delivery— it’s mostly me doing the shipping, and I need a couple of days to meet the US Postal deadlines to be sure you have your package on time.  Thanks!

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this art and the booklet wisdom.  What an honor to know the images and words will be serving you and yours.

With joyful blessing,


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In the Mail

The Listen For Joy Art Cards are on their way out into the world!  I’m so pleased to report that nearly all of the Kickstarter campaign reward packages are shipped and on their way!  BIG THANKS to everyone who helped with the shipping, especially: Lisa Nan, Jessie, Brian, Maqueita, and Hol.

For anyone who would like to purchase more Art Card Decks, or know someone who might, they’re available now in my online shop.  Hurrah!!  International orders too.  (Please order by December 15 for Christmas delivery.)  While supplies last…  I think I have enough for Christmas, but it’s looking like I’ll get to print more decks sooner than I expected… Wow and Yay!!

Some of you have already received your decks, and are saying fun things on Facebook and Instagram or Twitter.  Thank you for the feedback!  It’s so great to hear that you’re loving them and using them already.  Here are a couple of quotes and pictures:

“Look what I got in the mail today! So beautiful, I am beyond excited to have so many pieces of your art in my life, some of which I haven’t seen in a long time. Thank you!!”

“I received mine and I cant WAIT to give some as holiday gifts (and keep some; heh). They’re so beautiful!”

“I don’t have a good camera to show my joy today, but I want to share HOW BEAUTIFUL your ART CARDS are. Yes, I’m shouting…but I can’t stand it, I have to shout for joy! YAY!”

“Melanie Weidner ministers through her gift of art and a deep well of spiritual wealth. These art cards are beautiful and the writings that accompany each card are thoughtful, wise, soothing and challenging. Check her out on”

“Cards arrived today!!!! They are beautiful. I am so excited for you. You have worked diligently and consistently over the years on your art. Bless you dear friend.”

“It was already shaping up to be a good day, but when I pulled into my driveway to a box from you on the porch, I grinned and crowed, right out loud to the trees and the birds, “I’m the lucky one!” Do you have any idea how much joy and light is flowing out from your corner of the world right now?!”

“Loving this as my Advent practice each day!”

What a lot of goodness and joy– and everyone who helped make this possible!  We did it together, and I’m more amazed and grateful every day.  Feel free to add your comments and photos when your decks arrive.  And I’d love to hear more about how you’re using them in this next year.  Thank you!

The next phase of the Art Card adventure is underway!

With grateful and joyful blessing to you and yours in this sacred season,


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