We did it! I’m in awe and deeply grateful for the Art Card deck campaign success. 308 backers funded 151%. THANK YOU!!
Intention: Triumph
Invitation: To persist through difficult times and emerge to new life. To rejoice in the shining moment of accomplishment after a long season of dedication and effort. To thrive.
In balance: Growing through whatever challenges life brings. Celebrating the fruit that blossoms from spiritual practice, healing, and the work of justice.
Out of balance: Giving up when life’s waters and mud run deep. Seeking only the victories without enduring the hard work that produces them.
— From Art Card #37 in the Come Through Collection
Once again, thanks to everyone who joined the campaign, and for all of you who supported it and me in so many other ways too. I am thrilled with our success! Soon the Art Cards will be on their way out into the world…
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Love and blessing, Melanie