Oh WOW, friends!  We’ve exceeded our stretch goal and passed $20,000 on the same day in the Art Card campaign!  Yahoo!!!!

I’m joyfully amazed at the generous support and interest in these Art Card decks. Because we passed the $19,500 goal, I can print 300 extra of each deck– to share the art and its inspiration with even more people.  And the sale of these bonus decks will help fund future reprinting.  That’s a really big deal for a self-employed artist like me!  Whatever we raise from here will help with distribution and marketing beyond this campaign.  Yes!!!

THANK YOU to all of you who collaborated with me to make this possible.  I literally can’t do this without working together, and I’m so grateful.  Astonished, happy, thankful, etc!!!

There’s still time to invite friends along who would enjoy these decks– until Tuesday, Nov 21 at 7:00pm Mountain time.  Shipping is free during the campaign!

This is so exciting– people love these Art Cards!  And they will be of good service to inspire and bring healing and peace.  Last weekend I received 100 test market decks to sell at the American Art Therapy Association conference here in Albuquerque, and I sold them all in 10 hours over a day and a half.  Another WOW!

So thanks again for being a part of this, helping this art move out into the world where it can do some good.  We need beauty and well-being more than ever, and I hope these decks will bring some wherever they go.

With joy, amazement, and blessing–  Melanie