We did it!!!  Fully funded Campaign for the Art Card Decks!!  So excited!!  186 backers, 4 days.  WOW.  Thanks to everyone for all kinds of support to make this happen.

And we’ll keep going for 10 more days— anyone can join in before November 21 to have decks in your hands in the first week of December.

Intention:  Gratitude

Invitation:  To appreciate the gift of life. To praise and join all that is good and sacred. To celebrate the beauty and bounty of Earth and its beings.

In balance:  Expressing thanks and joy without diminishing the realities of hardship and suffering.  Cultivating a grateful heart.

Out of balance:  Forgetting to be thankful for provision and possibility.  Assuming the Universe owes us its resources.  Believing we are entitled to more blessings than others.

—Art Card 19 in the Deep Breath Collection

Congratulations, everyone— we did this together.  Thank you.  We’re going to love these beautiful Art Cards.