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Group Triumph!

We did it! I’m in awe and deeply grateful for the Art Card deck campaign success. 308 backers funded 151%. THANK YOU!!
Intention: Triumph
Invitation: To persist through difficult times and emerge to new life. To rejoice in the shining moment of accomplishment after a long season of dedication and effort. To thrive.
In balance: Growing through whatever challenges life brings. Celebrating the fruit that blossoms from spiritual practice, healing, and the work of justice.
Out of balance: Giving up when life’s waters and mud run deep. Seeking only the victories without enduring the hard work that produces them.
— From Art Card #37 in the Come Through Collection
Once again, thanks to everyone who joined the campaign, and for all of you who supported it and me in so many other ways too. I am thrilled with our success! Soon the Art Cards will be on their way out into the world…
Be sure to sign up for my eNewsletter list to be notified when decks are ready for sale on this website.
Love and blessing, Melanie
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Exceedingly Great

Oh WOW, friends!  We’ve exceeded our stretch goal and passed $20,000 on the same day in the Art Card campaign!  Yahoo!!!!

I’m joyfully amazed at the generous support and interest in these Art Card decks. Because we passed the $19,500 goal, I can print 300 extra of each deck– to share the art and its inspiration with even more people.  And the sale of these bonus decks will help fund future reprinting.  That’s a really big deal for a self-employed artist like me!  Whatever we raise from here will help with distribution and marketing beyond this campaign.  Yes!!!

THANK YOU to all of you who collaborated with me to make this possible.  I literally can’t do this without working together, and I’m so grateful.  Astonished, happy, thankful, etc!!!

There’s still time to invite friends along who would enjoy these decks– until Tuesday, Nov 21 at 7:00pm Mountain time.  Shipping is free during the campaign!

This is so exciting– people love these Art Cards!  And they will be of good service to inspire and bring healing and peace.  Last weekend I received 100 test market decks to sell at the American Art Therapy Association conference here in Albuquerque, and I sold them all in 10 hours over a day and a half.  Another WOW!

So thanks again for being a part of this, helping this art move out into the world where it can do some good.  We need beauty and well-being more than ever, and I hope these decks will bring some wherever they go.

With joy, amazement, and blessing–  Melanie

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3, 2, 1… Action!

The final Art Card decks just shipped from the printer in Maine! YAHOO!!!

Intention: Action

Invitation: To cross a threshold. To let ourselves be touched and changed. To get involved by getting messy and being brave.

In balance: Willing to step beyond the clean and comfortable when a situation or relationship calls for more. Playing with gusto and abandon. Fighting for justice.

Out of balance: Refusing to engage discomfort or challenge. Unwilling to be affected or transformed by life.

–From card #2 in the Come Through Collection


Order your decks through the Kickstarter campaign until Tuesday, Nov 21.

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Campaign Funded!!

We did it!!!  Fully funded Campaign for the Art Card Decks!!  So excited!!  186 backers, 4 days.  WOW.  Thanks to everyone for all kinds of support to make this happen.

And we’ll keep going for 10 more days— anyone can join in before November 21 to have decks in your hands in the first week of December.

Intention:  Gratitude

Invitation:  To appreciate the gift of life. To praise and join all that is good and sacred. To celebrate the beauty and bounty of Earth and its beings.

In balance:  Expressing thanks and joy without diminishing the realities of hardship and suffering.  Cultivating a grateful heart.

Out of balance:  Forgetting to be thankful for provision and possibility.  Assuming the Universe owes us its resources.  Believing we are entitled to more blessings than others.

—Art Card 19 in the Deep Breath Collection

Congratulations, everyone— we did this together.  Thank you.  We’re going to love these beautiful Art Cards.


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Art Card Success in Test Market

It’s a miracle, I think– The first small shipment of printed, finished Art Card decks arrived just in time today to test market them at the American Art Therapy Association national conference here in Albuquerque.  What a success!  All day yesterday I shared my sample sets, then this morning when these first real decks arrived, I sold 77 decks in 5 hours.  Seriously– WOW.  Art therapists LOVE them.  I know the last few will sell tomorrow and go home with people all across the country who will use them!!

Of course I’d planned for the Kickstarter campaign in the spring, with all the decks printed by summer.  I definitely wanted to ship them to my campaign supporters first, and wanted more than just a few of them to sell at this big, important conference opportunity.  But challenges arose (as they always do), so it turns out I’m doing everything at once this week.  Crazy, yes.  Overwhelming at times, yes.  And joyful, yes!  Both the campaign community and art therapy community have responded with a quick and resounding Yes! to these Art Card decks!

When our campaign successfully meets the goal– we’re so, so close!!!– the next step is to prepare for the big shipment of Art Cards that will be mailed out to all the backers who support the Kickstarter event.  I’m so excited!!  I can hardly wait for everyone to open their boxes and start enjoying these lovely cards.  There’s still time before November 21 to make your pledge to pre-order decks that will arrive the first week or so of December.

With a great big YAY and so much gratitude,


Dear ones who helped with today’s test market success

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Passionate About these Art Cards

The dream I’ve been so passionate about is almost real!  Less than $1000 away from funding my Art Card decks.  Join us and pre-order yours.

Intention: Passion

Invitation: To embody our best spiritual and physical desires. To rise to an occasion with fervor and strength.

In balance: Permitting ourselves to feel and express vibrant enthusiasm and intensity. Unfurling our longings and our truth. Confronting the challenge of becoming whole and free.

Out of balance: Stifling our emotions or expression. Shrinking inward due to shame, judgment, or suffering. Hiding who and what we love.

–Card 20 in the Come Through Collection

Join the campaign by Nov 21 to receive your Art Card Decks!

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Empowering Morning

Waking up to 75% campaign funding is empowering! I hope the Art Card decks strengthen and encourage you and others too.  Pre-order your decks now and share the word, thanks.

Intention: Empower

Invitation: To accept the blessing that equips us to become who we are. To emerge with courage and stream into the world.

In balance: Flowing with creativity. Giving permission. Claiming our gifts and talents. Using our strength and resources when facing the darkness.

Out of balance: Exploding with untapped energies. Refusing to mature or to step into power. Hindering others as they grow. Taking fierce independence too far.

–From Card 16 in the Deep Breath Collection

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Celebrating Abundance

Celebrating abundance!! Almost halfway to the goal in just six hours. 😁 

Join in the campaign to pre-order Listen For Joy Art Cards!

Intention: Abundance

Invitation: To open our hearts to receive. To live with gratitude. To build a spiritual practice that supports goodness, joy, and happiness in ourselves and for others.

In balance: Celebrating the gifts of life. Making a home for flourishing and generosity in our lives and in our world. Expanding our capacity for contentment and gladness.

Out of balance: Expecting that life owes us something. Being greedy or protective of our good things. Forgetting that blessings come and go. Flying away from the juiciness of life.

–Card #1 in the Deep Breath Collection

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Anticipation – Campaign Starts Tomorrow!

It’s almost here— the Art Cards campaign starts tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7 at 10:00am Eastern, 9:00 Central, 8:00 Mountain, 7:00 Pacific.

Get ready to pre-order your decks and check out rewards that will sell out soon.  Thanks for your support!

Intention: Anticipate

Invitation:  To trust in the natural timing and wisdom of what has yet to emerge.  To keep faith alive.  To honor and protect what is still hidden.

In balance:  Believing our intuition that something new is coming.  Holding a poised confidence.  Practicing patience with the process.  Welcoming what is on its way.

Out of balance:  Worrying when things move too slowly.  Struggling for answers and evidence.  Despairing that seeds won’t sprout.

–From Art Card #3 in the Deep Breath Collection

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Art Card Campaign Starts Tuesday


At last! The Art Cards campaign will begin this Tuesday, Nov 7, 8:00am MDT. You can pre-order your decks in this community fundraising effort. So thrilled I can hardly stand it!

Intention: Process

Invitation: To trust that small changes over time produce growth and transformation. To remember that each step in life or relationship is just one part of a longer journey.

In balance: Giving our best effort day by day. Knowing we’re contributing to a larger movement. Believing our wisdom when it tells us nothing is final.

Out of balance: Clinging to one shining moment. Denying that everything will fade. Resisting or rushing the time and effort it takes for anything to bloom.

–From Art Card #28 in the Deep Breath Collection

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