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Shiny New Proofs

Look!  I received new proof prints from the printer, and we’re getting so close now on the Art Card Decks

Kickstarter fundraising will begin soon soon soon!

I love the photos I made this afternoon:




The corners on the cards will be rounded in the actual decks– hurrah!

Stay tuned…

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It’s the Geeky Things…

Sometimes I’m thrilled to have geeky skills and interests.  Thanks to my first job out of college at The Barclay Press, I love fonts, graphic design, and pre-press layouts.  Today I thought you might want to see a screen shot of the digital proofs for the boxes that will hold my Listen For Joy Art Card decks so very soon!

Imagine these images printed, cut out, and then folded up to make the carton for each deck of cards.  Aren’t they cool?



Keep your eyes and ears tuned in for news about the Kickstarter fundraising campaign– likely starting within the next two weeks!

Thanks for your encouragement and support.


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Break Down What Doesn’t Serve

In light of yet another mass shooting in Las Vegas and the tragically inadequate response to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, I’m asking again these questions from my video clip, “Cataclysm: Hope in Breakdown (below).”

Can we, with conscious self-awareness and wisdom, help certain things fall apart on purpose?  Can we break down the aspects of our lives that harm ourselves, each other, and the planet as a whole?

Individually, culturally, politically, religiously, we have to ask fierce questions and take brave actions to intentionally dismantle whatever does not serve life as a whole.  Then from those surrendered, raw materials we can begin to make new interdependent, life-enhancing patterns and paths for the future.  That kind of transformation will take time, dedication, healing, wisdom, and imagination.


Art image:



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