Still Climbing

Only 8 more Art Cards to write and send to my wonderful editor– still climbing!
Intention: Tenacity
To stay steady and determined in a worthy struggle.  To endure bravely in the long work of healing, justice, and transformation.
In balance:
Persevering through a challenge by pacing well and using smart effort.  Sustaining our focus on what’s most life-giving and meaningful to us and our communities.
Out of balance:
Insisting on finishing or perfecting a task even when it costs us too much to do it.  Working beyond good stewardship limits of energy, health, or resources.  Refusing to leave a dangerous or toxic situation because of misguided loyalty.
(This is the draft text for the Art Card called “Tenacity.” Art Card Decks coming soon!)
Art title: “Tenacious”
Art Print Available

One Response to “Still Climbing”

  1. Mary Woodward

    That is such a superb image, Melanie: the colours, the imagery, the idea – take my breath away! Really looking forward to the rest of the deck… blessings, love, and hugs Mary


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