Art Cards Prototype Show & Tell

Yahoo!  New show & tell on the Listen For Joy Art Card Decks.  Check out this little video clip to see the prototypes for the deck boxes, and the first real Art Cards from the printer!  They’re beautiful, and, clearly, I’m excited!

4 Responses to “Art Cards Prototype Show & Tell”

  1. Kai Madrone

    Super excited!
    Thanks for the update, friend.

    • Sharon Sauer

      Those art cards are absolutely beautiful!
      Excited about all the possibilities for using them. Appreciate the update and will be awaiting further developments!
      Blessings & Shalom

  2. Anne Doerfert McGoey

    Ever since I saw you in March, I have been waiting for news about the art cards. I want both boxes. Now I will be checking my email looking for updates regarding the progress. Your art work speaks to me so much. Now with the art cards I will be able to have so many more pictures to look at than the four prints that I already have.


  3. Mary Woodward

    How lovely to see you, Melanie, and to see you so excited about the art cards! They look absolutely gorgeous, so I look forward to hearing about their progress!
    Blessings, love, and huge hugs


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