I’m honored to be included in the New Mexico Chapter of the Studio Art Quilt Associates‘ biennial Fiber Arts Show, “Structural Diversity,” in the Santa Fe State Capitol building.  My two images “Seamlessness” and “Cataclysm” from the Resilience Project were juried into the select show and will be on display during business hours at the Capitol, April 14-August 17, 2017.

Beautifully displayed show!  Quite a surprise to see my image, “Seamlessness,” right up front on the right.


“Seamlessness” statement:  I’m deeply inspired by the structure of our Universe emerging from an energetic realm of possibility.  My favorite scientist, Brian Swimme, calls this pure generativity, or “Seamlessness.”  I’ve imagined matter and light coming to being, using hand-altered fabric, swirling piles of thread, and stitched paths of interconnection.  Are these atoms forming, or the galaxies themselves?  Whether tiny or immense, all aspects of life and space are interconnected in this seamless web.


“Cataclysm” statement:  Endings and destruction are part of the fabric of our Universe– unavoidably.  Brian Swimme’s teachings on “Cataclysm” inspired me to consider actually embracing this letting go as an important part of re-creation.  In this image, I am exploring that breakdown.  I am also asking a fierce question about dismantling structures of power, thought, and violence that harm our selves, each other, and the planet as a whole.  As I literally cut apart and shredded guns, bombs, a colonial mansion, and trilobite fossils, I imagined us transforming those materials into new life-enhancing forms for the future.


The two twin images near each other in the first corner of the show display.


A great turnout for the opening night!


The Great Seal of New Mexico with our SAQA Fiber Arts show in the background.