I’m delighted to write an update on the progress of the Listen For Joy Art Cards!  Thanks again to all those who supported the GoFundMe campaign to get the project rolling.  After a personally challenging summer that delayed an autumn launch, we’re now on track for a February 2017 Kickstart campaign.  So exciting!

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of the designs.  Turns out I’ll be offering two decks of 36 cards each:  the Deep Breath Collection, and the Come Through Collection.  Each set will be 3.5 x 5 inches, printed in full color with rounded corners and a thematic design on the back, wrapped in a beautifully printed tuck box (as a traditional set of playing cards would be).  I’m thrilled with the professional, helpful, and ecologically-minded USA printing company I’ve chosen.  I can hardly wait to see proof copies!



I’ll be printing 1000 copies of each deck to make the investment worthy.  So let’s look forward to an ambitious, festive campaign in February and decks in your hands by spring!

I appreciate your blessings, prayers, and encouragement as I move forward with many more preparations.  Thanks to my amazing partner, Hol, and dear friend Kath who have especially supported this phase of the work.  And my gratitude goes out again to all of you– for your interest and love for the images.

I do believe these Art Cards will be inspiring and useful in the years ahead, as we all practice listening to our souls and listening for joy.


175522_listenforjoy_deck box