I’m remembering again the many gifts from teaching two more Pendle Hill workshops this summer in Pennsylvania.  In our weekend called Mindfulness at Play, 17 of us worked together to create a little miracle of group poetry, one phrase at a time.  Here was the tricky, awesome part: no one saw the entire poem until after it was finished!  Each author was responding to only the one line written just before theirs– the lines above it were folded back and hidden until the end.  When we unfolded and read the poems, we all marveled at the beauty and creativity of this heartfelt collaboration.  See what I mean:

Pendle Hill Group Poetry Aug2015

Or another one:

Pendle Hill Group Poetry Aug2015 3

When our hearts and hands work together mindfully, wisdom comes out to play!  Deep thanks to everyone who co-created these meaningful, inspiring workshops.

Maybe next time you will join us…  New Year’s Retreat, or next summer…