Bone Deep

Well, I don’t know whether you think this latest painting is at all romantic…  but here’s what happened when I sat down to make my partner Holly an anniversary gift to celebrate our four years together (yay!):


Clearly, I’m not in charge of what happens when I paint!  🙂  Thankfully, Hol loves the image, and so do I…  It speaks to us both of just how bone-deep our stories go, individually and together.  She’s had quite the life journey, my dear one, with lots of glories and plenty of struggles– including these past two or three years working with adrenal fatigue illness.  (More struggle than glory there.  Not fun.)  But here’s the romance:  I’m in love with how Hol lives all of her experience, how thoroughly she wrestles with and (eventually) welcomes and heals what comes her way, and how richly she weaves her life stories into compassion and truth.  I want to live that deeply and welcome my core life too.

So what are your marrow stories, and mine– the really real, central parts at the core of us?  Which of them wants to be known more fully in our own minds and hearts?  Which of our stories might inspire or encourage others if the time were right for the telling?

Marrow-Story-detailSee more image details: Marrow StoryArt Print available.

My paintings always raise more questions than give answers, I’ve noticed….  I also can’t help but remember another layered, question-filled painting from 2003, Listen to My Bones.  Guess the metaphor needed a revisit after a dozen years!  (Wow, already?!)

View 1 - top layer

View 1 – top layer


Bless us all– deep into our bones.


7 Responses to “Bone Deep”

  1. Trayce N Peterson

    Happy anniversary to you both!! I am so happy for you both. Here’s to more years together. Sending you love, hugs and peace from Tucson!!

    • melanie

      Thanks for the love, Trayce, as always… I’m grateful for so many years of encouragement from you! Peace and hugs back to you, dear friend.

  2. claire germain nail

    I know how the curanderos throw and read the bones to foretell the future, so I know that the bones do speak and hold our stories safe into the future. May the future be as wholesome and as beautiful for you both as this image is heartfelt and whole for you now.

    • melanie

      Ah, yes– of course curandero magic is also in the bones! We gratefully receive your blessing, dear Claire, and the reminder that our stories are held and healed into the future. May these truths be yours as well, my sweet friend!

  3. Shirin McArthur

    Truly lovely, and unique to you and your relationship with Holly, which is the best tribute. May the marrow in both of your bones continue to be transformed by the love you share with each other and with the world! I can’t believe it’s been four years already; what a blessing!

    • melanie

      I’m so grateful for your lovely prayers for transformation, dear Shirin, thank you! Isn’t it a miracle how love changes our lives and radiates out? Blessings and thanks to you and Henry too, for giving of yourselves in deed and example. Love to you!


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