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Having a Spatula Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments when you pick up an object and suddenly a flood of memories shows up?  I just felt a torrent of affection and gratitude while holding the old spatula.  Yep, the spatula.

It’s tattered now.  The awesome flexi-silicone edges ripped a month ago from years of faithful service.  So yesterday I bought its replacement… but I just couldn’t use the new one at dinner time tonight.  I had to give my kitchen friend one last turn.  I’m like that sometimes.

imageThen when I rinsed it for the last time, and held it gently to say goodbye, I suddenly teared-up touching the burn scar on the back of the handle.  I’m not kidding– it was really sweet actually– remembering that I melted that bit in my first New Mexican casita apartment, learning how to cook on a gas stove while wishing I might someday be cooking together with a beloved.  Lots of longing and lonely.

But tonight, four years into our relationship, my heart and mind flooded with memory after memory of food prepared and shared with my Love, thousands of conversations at the kitchen table, and all the little boring, precious pieces of daily life that we’ve shared with each other– sometimes holding that spatula.  Yeah, here are those tears of gratitude again as I write this, for real.  Who knew I’d feel all this love for my Hol, for life, and even for myself tonight… in the good company of one of my favorite utensils.  🙂

Too lovely not to share.

What might happen tomorrow with the wooden spoon?  Goodness, I hope– and for you, too.


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New Juicy Workshops

Juicy-Workshop-squareEvery few years I pick up a new favorite word to describe the good stuff in life.  For example, I started saying “lavish” all the time after I read it in The Artist’s Way.  Then in 2010 my Pendle Hill workshop students teased me (in the best way, of course) when they caught me using “juicy” several times a day.  I’d say things like, “Imagine what color or shape would feel most juicy to you,” or “What’s the juiciest part of your experience right now?”  It stuck around as a beloved go-to word, and a partner for the pear image that often shows up in my art work.

So it’s no surprise that “Juicy” popped up this week when I named my new Albuquerque workshop series.  I grabbed a Sharpie marker, wrote out the word, doodled an iconic pear— and a fresh logo was born.

Pilgrimage-Book-Begging-BowlI always need the reminder trust what comes naturally.  It’s my hope that the simplicity, fun, and joy of the “Juicy” name will inspire these creative wisdom circle workshops!  I can hardly wait to gather to explore what’s ripe and sweet and wonderful in our souls and our lives.  Together we’ll use art-making, poetry, conversation, silence and more to harvest the fruit on Saturday afternoons.  No doubt our new studio will be a nourishing place for sacred play.

Would you like to join us?  Watch the Events calendar page for dates and details as all this unfolds.  For now, I’m starting with March 28 on the theme “Fresh Territory,” and May 9 on “Unfolding.”  Contact me right away if you’d like to register since I have space for 8 participants.  If things go well, registration will open April 1 for a third Juicy “Freedom” themed workshop on July 18.  If we’re really rolling, more dates will come for autumn….

Meanwhile, if you want a deeper dive into creativity and spirituality, consider three 2015 summer retreat options:  my two annual residential workshops at the terrific Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center near Philadelphia: “Mindfulness at Play,” August 7-9, and “Treasures of the Inward Journey,” August 9-13.  See also the Albuquerque 3-day creative workshop intensive, “Growing Edges,” June 5-7.  Please let me know if you’re interested.

With blessing for your juicy moments–  Melanie