Slowly but surely, my partner Holly Bahn and I are making a sacred play space in our new Albuquerque studio office, and it won’t be long now until we start hosting workshops and groups.  Hurrah!

For some weeks now, I’ve been seeing spiritual direction clients in person and by phone in the cozy office room… proud of the walls I painted and the chairs Hol found at our neighborhood thrift store.  Doesn’t this look friendly?


Client listening area in the inner office room — with a skinny window into the studio space

A few weeks ago, Hol and I unpacked our twin mountains of art supplies… amazed again at all we’ve each gathered over the years for arts groups and workshops.  Seriously, we’ve both been dreaming about and planning for this for a long, long time.


Holly with our art supply treasures

Now we’re finding shelves and drawers for all this good artsy stuff, making a creative studio that’s inviting, imperfect, and wonderful.  🙂  It’s good practice to work with what we have and to trust our intentions and those who gather with us to fill in the gaps.


Creative art space in the main room


Almost ready to go…

Watch the Events page and look for email announcements for the first workshop announcements.  (Sign up for eNewsletters on the Contact page.)  We’ll appreciate your prayers or good thoughts meanwhile– for a few more lucky finds at the thrift stores, a little more income for track lights, paper drawers, and a sign out front, and the stamina we need to bring it all together and get the word out.  Thank you!