4th St StudioMy partner Holly and I are thrilled– we just rented a studio-office space near our home in the North Valley of Albuquerque.  For years we’ve been waiting to develop a place for our spiritual exploration and creative empowerment work.  Now that Hol’s energy is returning after several years of illness, a new chapter of life is opening for both of us, and for those who will join this adventure.  HURRAH!!

We’ll work individually and together, meeting with clients and offering groups and workshops.  For now, the space is a “diamond in the rough,” as we begin to bring together our collections of art supplies, vision for this community of creativity, and years of experience.  I’ll kick things off with an informal art sale, then we’ll spend the rest of December and maybe some of January “nesting” and preparing.  It’s a perfect Advent practice, co-creating with the Divine in the dark of winter, waiting and watching to see what gifts will be born to bring a little more healing, compassion, and light into the world.

We appreciate your support and prayers!  With great joy–  Melanie