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Old and New

What amazing, beautiful lives we weave!  My partner, Holly, and I hung a Christmas wreath with ornaments old and new, and I still feel so deeply moved by gratitude, sadness, joy, and awe.  Our history threads through this moment and into the year ahead.

Thanks to God for the miracle gifts of love, Light, and each day we’re here to celebrate.  Sweet Merry Christmas, and Blessed Happy New Year to us all.

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Light Meets Us

May we remember that Light meets us
in these long, cold nights.
This Light cracks the dark despair
of our world and our neighborhood,
and (sometimes disguised)
visits in the struggles
of our hearts and bodies.
As we walk the path called “today,”
the stars burn bright with guidance;
wisdom shines through any moment
of courage, compassion, and creativity;
and we ourselves carry the flame of love
through every threshold.

I celebrate the strength I find in the Advent tradition remembering the Light born in the darkness.  Many blessings in this sacred season, dear friends, to you and yours.  –Melanie


Art and blessing © Melanie Weidner.  Art: Starlit Doorway, digital collage combining NASA’s Hubble Telescope imagery and Melanie’s original photography.  The paper bags lit by candles along the brick path are New Mexican farjolitos/luminaria, a traditional Christmas lantern.


For the Joy of It

My soul’s been too scrunched up and grouchy lately.  So this week I surrendered, scheduled a few days without any clients or any plans, and finally let myself play– really PLAY– with fabric art again.  Oh my goodness, how do I so easily forget to have fun??

I finished this fabric doodle yesterday using only scraps and a few beads, smiling the whole time.  Combining bits of color and shape together to make something new deeply satisfies my heart and hands.  Following the creative Spirit’s lead just for the joy of it nourishes my soul like nothing else.

May I bring this renewed creativity, an intention for integration, and a lot more play into my holiday season….


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