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Roots Held

Whew– this latest painting is strong, difficult, and full of hope too.  Sometimes we feel near to breaking, yet I continue to sense the hands of support, the Holy One, and/or Earth near to us.  (Look closely for the two hands in the image… and click here to find a detail close-up.) My heart and prayers feel especially drawn to those coming through floods in Colorado and northern New Mexico this past week.  May our roots hold as we are held.  –Melanie

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The Journey Continues

This week my Storm Journey book arrived in mailboxes from Oregon to Pennsylvania, and the first printing sold out!  I’m thrilled about a second order of books already underway, shipping out near October 1.

Thanks to all who are sending wonderful feedback about the book.   I love this photo of Reed Carey Crosby, one of the dear-to-me children to whom I dedicated the story.  My deepest hope is that Storm Journey might inspire creativity and collaboration to help make the world a better place for our kids and all of us.  Maybe a page or two of the story could remind us to get curious and be creative the next time we hit what feels like a dead end.

Just yesterday, I received a tough letter in the mail about a rather impossible situation.  To be honest, I melted down for a bit, and felt really scared and lost.  Then, with my partner’s help, I calmed down and began to remember that loss, failure, and surrender are all part of the process in life and creativity… and they’re in the book’s storyline too.  I don’t have the answers yet for that letter, but the Storm Journey images are reminding me to wait for real insight and transformation rather than force a panic-driven, fix-it solution.

I heard that a rain-damaged copy of the book arrived in Boulder, Colorado, where they’ve been facing all too real storms and floods this week.  My heart is broken open again by the suffering and the strong Storm Journey echoes in those communities.  And yet, I’ve seen a few early reports of vibrant and swift community response to the loss and trauma.  I imagine that many, many more people are taking creative leaps to meet the needs of others in those impossible situations.  May it be so, and may collaboration and insight bring transformation and hope.  May I know and do my part.

Meanwhile, others receiving the book this week are excited:

“Your precious book arrived this afternoon.  It is beautiful – really beyond beautiful…. Storm Journey is more than a gift.  It is an inspiration and perhaps, a compass…  Thank you, thank you.” –Albuquerque, NM

“The books turned out BEAUTIFUL!  I knew they were going to be nice, but they completely exceeded my expectations.  Love the reflective questions in the back.” –Media, PA

“The books are marvelous!  I’m so pleased to have them in our library and in our ‘caring kit bag’ [to give as gifts when friends have challenges].  –Huntsville, AL

“Beautiful art, probing text, invitation to community, thought-provoking questions, teaching tool– this is the complete package hiding inside what appears a simple format.” –Portland, OR

I’m grateful for this encouragement, and hope others will enjoy the book and find it useful in the months to come.  Order your copies if you wish, as gifts and as an imaginative resource for challenging times.

With blessing and a prayer for us all– Melanie

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Books in Hand!

Hurrah!  Big, bright, beautiful Storm Journey books in my hands at last.  Holly and I did a happy dance– ok, I danced– and she made this photo of me beaming with joy and amazement.  The books are finally, really here!

Now the Storm Journey is ready for its next page of the story– Yours.  I’ll be mailing the pre-ordered copies out on Monday, with only 20 or so still available from this first printing.  Time to print more books, since they’re just so wonderful.

Robin Kline and Bill Summers left our home last night with the first book out the door, celebrating this milestone with Holly and me.  They were especially excited about the print quality and the reflection questions.  “These questions are wonderful!” Robin exclaimed.  Bill said, “The book is like Visio Divina,” a prayerful practice of engaging with images as one would a sacred text. “I want to give one of these to a friend of mine who prays that way.”

I can hardly wait to hear more of the responses to the book…  So please let me know when your copy arrives!