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Proof Positive

The printer’s proof of Storm Journey finally arrived on Friday, and it’s absolutely beautiful!  Somehow, the first proof mistakenly shipped to Alaska for it’s own adventure. ?!?  No one knows how that happened… yet with this wild storm story, I’m not quite surprised.  Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting and waiting to see how the printing would look.

How fantastic to return from my teaching in Pennsylvania to this big yellow package full of goodness!  I’m teary-eyed again as I type, knowing how lovely and strong the book is going to be.

See a photo of the cover proof here, with the back of the book on the left and front on the right.  Everything is clear, sharp, and oh so vibrant.  No changes necessary!  It all looks great.  I wish you could feel the velvety texture of the cover paper and see the bright images on the pages inside….

Books are coming soon to you who’ve ordered!  Watch the blog for the “Hurrah!” announcement.  If you’ve yet to purchase your book/s, only 30 copies remain in this first printing, and they’ll go quickly.

Big thanks to my partner, Holly, whose latest in a long string of support included helping track down the missing proofs, picking up the replacement package, and waiting until I got home to open it with me.  Special thanks also to dear friend Sue Joiner who believed in this printing project from the beginning, cheering me along at key moments.  When she heard about the lost proof, she sent me an email to make me laugh and remind me to keep trusting: “What were those book pages again, ‘Trying,’ and ‘Surrender?'”  Yep, the message I needed was in the book itself.


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It’s Almost a Book

I called in the book order this morning, nervous and thrilled to be going to press with Storm Journey.  I’ll see a printed proof this next week, and should be shipping them out at the end of August!  All but 40 copies in this first printing are purchased already, so I’m curious about just how soon we’ll be making more…

Now that I’ve sent off the files to the printer, I believe in this book all over again as an inspiration and a resource.  The reflection questions in the appendix are so beautiful and strong after this last edit process!  I can hardly wait to use them in my upcoming retreat work… They’ll be a great way to creatively reflect on challenging issues and the gifts of making it through storms and life.

As these good questions came to life, I’m gladly grateful for the specific, talented editing and encouragement from Holly Bahn, Andrea Montaño, and Ryan Weidner.  I’ve also counted my blessings for my Quaker background– growing up with good spiritual questions called “queries” that get right to the heart of things.  May it also be so for the message of Storm Journey in the hearts of those who read it.

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