It’s thrilling to share an art show with my partner, Holly.  We’re delighted with a display of our art works at our local Episcopal church, celebrating Earth Day.  I especially love the statement Hol and I wrote together:

We belong to the Great Story, the flaring forth of the Universe that created us in an amazing process of creative emergence.  To imagine ourselves separate from this unfolding and this belonging is to cut ourselves off from who we are and how we came to be.  And yet, we often do.

These artworks explore our relationship with nature – personally, collectively, and spiritually.  When we take time to create relationship with the nature surrounding us and that is us, we rediscover our belonging.  Something inside settles.  We rediscover that we are the natural world and we’re at home in this family.  Made from the same stardust and photons as the rocks, trees, water, sky, we share all of the gifts of nature– process, wildness, humility, and balance.  

As you experience these art images, we invite you to feel your own belonging.  Notice with us what this belonging offers to you, and and what it asks of you.

Next time you walk outdoors, know you belong!


Special thanks for the invitation from Assistant Clergy & our friend Sue Joiner, and St Michael’s Pavillion Gallery coordinator Steve Shelly.