Great news: my partner, Holly, and I are making a home together!  We’re moving on Sunday to a lovely spot in the North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I’m thrilled, grateful, and sometimes a little overwhelmed with this huge blessing and adventure.

Of course all this shows up in my art work.  This latest painting, Homing Instinct, turned out to be a process image about integration.  In it I see a foundation made of Earth and the good bones of my experiences (visit Listen To My Bones).  I see a doorway to a new life chapter, and I remember countless other passages that brought me forward (New Passage).  I note the messenger raven that represent spiritual Guidance (Messenger Meditation).  They’re big and bold right now, even in the moments I am tempted to lose courage.  Finally, I trust that the fruit of my willingness to come home will be joyful contentment (see Fruit of Disappointment and Bluebird of Happiness).

What kinds of homecoming are calling to you, and how do you know?  Maybe you are invited to come home to yourself in a fresh way…  or make a courageous move…  or let go into what is true…  or remember the present moment as your Home…  ?

Wherever you are, may sacred Guidance lead you through each passage into goodness.

PS– My contact information will stay exactly the same!

See Homing Instinct