As I ask the Beloved for some lovely bit of insight to share with you all, the photograph of this butterfly wants to do all the talking.   She found me at dusk in early August, on a hike up my favorite hill at the Monastery of St Gertrude in Idaho, and she let me make her portrait.

Tattered by her journey and a longing for home, I sensed the challenge and miracle of her strong, fragile life.   I imagined she asked the wind to float her ragged wings to a sweet place of rest.   I stood in the stillness given by her beauty.

Today this butterfly inspires me to pause and renew after seven abundant weeks of travel in Oregon, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.   I asked the Spirit to drift me to a resting place, and I’ve been guided to land again, this time to stay, in New Mexico.   I pray I can sit still now, breathing in the beauty of this desert Land of Enchantment and the wonder of all the connection, celebration, teaching, learning, receiving, and letting go given by my pilgrimage year.

What priceless, difficult challenges tattered your wings this summer?   Do you need a miracle of restoration, stillness, and gratitude?   To what sweet pause or place of rest does the Beloved Spirit invite you– in this moment, in this day, in this week?

May we know our beauty, taste our gratitude, and trust the Love that carries us.

– Melanie, September 19, 2010


© Melanie Weidner 2010