With the support of a generous grant and use of a fabulous studio space, I’m in the midst of a 40-day intensive to explore art and writing about my 40 years of rich, amazing life. (My 40th birthday is coming soon!) Specifically, the Spirit is inviting and challenging me to illustrate more of my coming out story.

For years, I resisted saying much in public about this precious, painful, freeing part of my journey. I didn’t want to risk the judgments of others, or to try to explain how I know deep within that God created everything about me, including my lesbian sexuality, and delights who I am.

Why the call to speak up now? Because I want to be even more authentic and real, to practice what I preach about fully embracing who we really are. I want to speak because God delights in YOU too, and my courage just might inspire you to honor and nurture your authenticity and bravery. I’m speaking right now by writing this article, because the truth sets us free, and there’s nothing like that kind of joy.

Check out the first three collages I’ve created in this 40-day art experiment– one above, two below. They’re meant to prime the creative pump, and now I’m writing about the insights I see in them. Keep your eye on my gallery more updates, and I’ll appreciate your prayers and support. It’s not easy to lose your life to find it, but that’s what the good news is all about. Thanks be.

— Melanie, June 15, 2010



©Melanie Weidner 2010