Melanie takes a sabbatical pilgrimage road trip, Summer ’09

After many months of stirrings, nudges, longing, and restlessness, I intend to answer the call to go on a journey. I feel a strong inner/Divine invitation to let go, listen deeply, and explore what new possibilities can unfold from a pilgrimage road trip this summer. Images of roads and boats, river and desert, birds and petroglyphs, begging bowls and fruit continually fill my new collage art, inviting me to expand. So at last I will move through my fears and go.

I don’t know what all will happen along the way, but I do know I’m headed into Mystery that’s full of Light. It’s time to sail beyond the edge of my familiar, to meet new teachers and open up to experiences that will help me “molt” old feathers and grow the new. I sense that I will discover new energy to bring my gifts into fruit/fruition. I will get to deepen my practice of receiving and trusting Provision. And I will make pilgrimage to my favorite Monastery of St. Gertrude in Idaho and return to holy places in New Mexico.

I’ve mapped out a 3900 mile driving route there and back, with perfectly-placed friends and family hosts along the way. I’m gathering names, places, housesitting opportunities, and workshops that I feel drawn to pursue, but I know God will lead me in surprising ways too! I estimate this will require the whole summer, as it will include flying out to teach two art & spirituality workshops at Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center in Pennsylvania at the end of July.

On June 7th I let go of my studio and apartment, to free up funds and open creative new options when I return to Portland. My website, email, business address, and phone will remain the same. Meanwhile, I deeply appreciate any prayers, notes of encouragement, and financial support along my journey.

As always, thank you for your patronage and interest. Your support keeps me on the path!



©Melanie Weidner 2009