Original for Sale :  You Make Blessing  —  $ 675.00





Created in 2002  —  15 x 22 inches  —  watercolor, colored pencil, ink, collage, hollow shape  —  the black part of the inner spiral is actually a carved hole in the paper

Art text:  and somehow You make blessing out of these wounds, such joy, and this mystery.

Statement:  This prayer of amazed gratitude and necessary trust came to me as a student on arts scholarship at Pendle Hill Quaker Contemplative & Study Center.  I’d just left an entire life behind, healing into the reality of grace I felt and needed at the threshold of a new beginning.  You Make Blessing gave me strength then, as it still does now.  As another “scrap painting,” made with prior marks on the page, I didn’t see until later the dancing woman figure with a scarf that some people recognized at the top of the wound shape.

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