Original for Sale :  Serious Artists Play  —  $ 70.00




Created in 1998  —  15 x 11 inches  —  watercolor, ink

Art text:  Sometimes all I want to do is play— but the “grown-up” voices tell me to be serious and think about what needs to be done or how much more productive I could be if I worked on a ‘real project’ instead.  But I’m learning to truly believe that playing is essential and not just escapism.  Essential!  — Color makes us free  —  Color gives life  —  If God’s Spirit and our spirits were a color, what color would they be?  The only real answer I can imagine is a whole festival of colors playfully interacting and dancing with one another.  It takes all the colors to make the world beautiful, us beautiful, God beautiful…  —  Just look at these fantastic colors!  Where would my day go without starting it this way?  Certainly not up.  —  Serious artists play.  I must play with color to ever be serious about art.  Art is taking play seriously.  Serious art plays with color.  Serious play = art.

Statement:  Well, the text says it.  Serious Artists Play is a “journal painting,” made during a time when I painted the prayer first in watercolor, then wrote the text on top of it in ink.

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