Original for Sale :  Renew Your Orbit  — $ 350




Created in 2011  —  22 x 15 inches  —  watercolor, colored pencil

Statement:  A meditation on coming back to center when we realize we’ve been spinning off on something else, or wobbling more than we might like.  My favorite response so far to Renew Your Orbit was from a woman college student who came up to me after a talk to say thank you for helping her realize “I’ve been in total orbit around this BOY!  I’ve got to get my own life back, then we can both have our own orbits, together.”  Yes!

Contact Melanie by phone or email to arrange for purchase– no online ordering available for originals.  Prices do not include shipping.  Read More about buying art.

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One Response to “For Sale – Renew Your Orbit”

  1. Carrie Christopher

    Melanie — I LOVE the return to your orbit piece – can you give me some pricing? I didn’t see it on the site.

    Hope you’re doing well – really enjoying your artwork – what a great break in the middle of a hectic day :0)



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