Original for Sale :  Subtle Sense of Touch  —  $ 475.00






Created in 2008  —  22 x 30 inches  —  graphite, watercolor  (Paper background is actually white, not grey as it appears here, due to lower photograph quality.  Scanned detail available on request.)

Statement:  Subtle Sense of Touch illustrates the beginning of my spiritual experiments with the energy of healing, interconnectedness, or prayer.  At the time of this self-portrait drawing/painting, I had no experience with Reiki and not much knowledge of Field theories… yet I felt something happening when I would open what felt like a sixth sense to the more subtle touch of Spirit or energy, represented by color and line.  Note that energy lines appear quite often in my later art, including Alive in the Layers, Faith Fruit, Jump In, My Ground of Being, Story Spirit, Tenacious, and Threads.

Contact Melanie by phone or email to arrange for purchase– no online ordering available for originals.  Prices do not include shipping.  Read More about buying art.

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