Original for Sale :  Story Spirit  —  $ 395.00Story Spirit



Created in 2013  —  14.24 inches diameter  —  fabric, thread, beads, mounted on polystyrene

Statement:  Story Spirit was inspired by play.  Made entirely from fabric scraps, this piece evolved as I played around with the colors and shapes to create a pleasing texture and design.  As the image came together, the center white shape took on letters and scraps and beads, as if it were gathering bits of meaning or story.  The white sewing lines seem to radiate its energy and highlight the shapes in the background.  Is it a sunset over buildings?  Or pages emerging into a rainbow?  The beauty of abstract is that you get to decide.  Read more in the blog post, “For the Joy of It.”

Contact Melanie by phone or email to arrange for purchase– no online ordering available for originals.  Prices do not include shipping.  Read More about buying art.

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