Original for Sale :  Stars Are In Your Bones  —  $ 275.00




Created in 2014, with pieces from 2003  —  10.75 x 20 inches  —  watercolor, ink, collage

Statement:  In July 2014, I found a manila envelope full of three unfinished, postcard-size paintings and cut-outs of stars and bones I’d made eleven years earlier.  Delighted, I completed the ink work and combined them into this trio of collages, Stars Are In Your Bones.  The phrase and idea were no doubt inspired by my studies of Brian Swimme (for the Passion of the Earth Project) and his influence on some of my friends at the Monastery of St Gertrude who used this phrase during their Lenten celebrations: “From Stardust you come, to Stardust you return.”  Bone shapes and see-through cut outs echo Listen to My Bones.

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