Original for Sale :  Just Off the Edge  —  $ 325.00






Created in 2001  —  15 x 22 inches  —  watercolor, collage, ink

Art Text:  Is it just me, or do you also notice that some of our most beautiful art arrives just off the edge of what we think is more important?

Statement:  The Just Off the Edge image caught me by total surprise.  I was creating the Underneath painting, discouraged in the process by my self-imposed, heavy expectations to make LOTS OF SPECTACULAR ART RIGHT NOW while on retreat.  I took myself on a walk to relieve the angst and pressure.  When I returned, the scrap of paper I’d used as a drop cloth for Underneath suddenly seemed to be even more ‘accidentally’ beautiful than my intentional efforts.  The line of text came quickly to mind then, and I worked it all into a new painting.  And I felt a lot better.

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