Original for Sale :  A Few Scraps Left  — SOLD




Created in 2003  —  22.5 x 12.25 inches  —  watercolor, paste paper, collage, ink

Art text:  There are only a few, small scraps left for this new art.  I’ve not walked this far before, and I couldn’t carry very much.  I guess I’ll need to befriend the blank page again, and venture fresh brush strokes.  But maybe today it’s ok to stay timid and shy… to cling a little to the scraps while the storm passes and the fear moves through…

Statement:  A Few Scraps Left is made from literal bits and pieces of prior paintings and art projects.  It celebrates my coming out transition while acknowledging the grief and fear involved in creating a new life.  Some days I need to remember it’s ok to take a break from being courageous!


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