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Read my latest comments on art, spirituality, and life.

Sometimes you want to know the story behind the art or the artist.  These posts include everything from encouragement to spiritual pondering, from updates on projects to descriptions and photos of how an art image was made.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sandy VanDee

    My very good friend, who is deeply spiritual, just happened to post a photo she loved on her site…
    It floored me when I saw it,
    Listen for Joy … wow !!
    I told her about what you had written on a paper for me “Feast on your Life” and STILL have all these years later …
    I have discovered The deeply spiritualness of me and I am FEASTING !!
    The lady on the plane to Albuquerque
    still loves you and am SO happy for all that you’ve accomplished…💜✨💜


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