Emerging Wisdom Mandala Project

Spiritual Directors International held their 2014 annual conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I was asked to coordinate a beautiful environment reflecting the theme “Emerging Wisdom.”  I invited 55 New Mexican spiritual directors and community members to create sacred circle centerpieces celebrating our wisdom and creativity.  We shared these images on each table to inspire attenders’ own emergence during the conference.  I also offered my own art fabric mandalas on the ballroom stage and in workshop spaces as a prayer for openness, presence, and beauty.  Marianne Lewis created lovely, lively flower arrangements as the perfect compliment.  Our collaborative efforts were deeply appreciated throughout the conference by those who experienced these gifts of color and image.  The mandalas truly held every presenter and attender in love and blessing.

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2 Responses to “Emerging Wisdom Mandala Project”

  1. Edye Allen

    I adore your work, Melanie! So good to visit your website!

    • melanie

      Thanks, Edye, for your encouragement! I’m glad you enjoy your website visits, and hope you feel nourished when you come by. 🙂 Blessings back to you– Melanie


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