Emerging Wisdom Mandala Art Gallery

Fifty-five spiritual directors and community members made 80 Mandala Art centerpieces on the theme “Emerging Wisdom,” from February to April 2014, for the Spiritual Directors International annual conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Please scroll below the photos for the artists’ names.

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Read ARTICLE from Spiritual Directors International newsletter (on the last three pages)

 Mandala Photos by Holly Bahn

Emerging Wisdom Mandala Workshop Participant Artists:

Josie Abbenante
Holly Bahn
Dianne Bailey
Laura Brandenburg
Denali Brooke
Jessie Brown
Joan Brown, OSF
Gillian Corcoran
Rikki Fowler
Barbara Fries
Jessie Fries-Kraemer
Sr Paula Gallagher, IHM
MaryEllen Gonzales
Jan Gough  
Jennifer Granata
Vicky Greb
Kay Hankinson
Amy Harrison
Nancy Hilton
Ingrid Hurlen
Val Isenhower
Sue Joiner
Sarah Kotchian  
Sally LaFaver
Anne Liechty
Dawn Mace
Joanna Mace
Sarah Madigan
Shirin McArthur  
Patricia McIntire
Rachel McIntire
Charmine Mallipudi
Andrea Montaño
Lisa Myers
Masako Ogawa
Rhoda Parker  
Angela Perea
Marlene Perrotte, RSM
Rachel Preston Prinz
Chasya Raines
Bonnie Rich  
Anne Ritchings
Elena Rodriguez
Kristin Schultz
Dee Steele
Brian Swartzentruber
Else Tasseron
Judith Todd  
Wanda Tuck
Kay Veal  
Melanie Weidner  
Deb Wilson
Brenda Worsham  
And two anonymous participants

2 Responses to “Emerging Wisdom Mandala Art Gallery”

  1. mary rich

    The mandalas were a super addition to the whole Emerging Wisdom conference. I’m sure this helps each person who experienced them on their table, walking into the room, on the wall, to realize they are creative, too. No one has to be an ‘artist’….we are all co-creators with our Living Loving Creator God! Peace, Mary

    • melanie

      Thanks, Mary, for your comment and encouragement. It was an incredible experience to share the mandalas and their collective creativity with the Emerging Wisdom Conference. What beautiful synergy! I’m especially glad you received and felt the message that all of us are creative in a dance with Creation and Creator! Blessings to you– Melanie


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