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  1. Rick Parfrey

    Melanie, that’s a very thought-provoking and powerful piece of art. I have an artist friend in Portland (Horatio Law) who, at the onset of the first war in Iraq, was very disturbed that the press wasn’t covering the human element of the war so he took battlefield photos from Reuters of children and other civilians that were in the firing line and digitized them using small, repetitive blocks of candy like images of M&Ms, Jelly Beans, and Lifesavers. He named the series ‘War Candy’. Surprisingly, none of the galleries in Portland would take them because of their controversial nature but he eventually found a gallery in Austin (TX) that did. It’s possible that he still has images of them on his website if you’re interesting in seeing them.

    Eileen and I both hope you’ll be coming to Portland sometime soon. It would be great to reconnect!

    Grace and peace,



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