Cataclysm: Hope In Breakdown – Art Process Video

March 2016 – Video Art, Film & Narration – 6 minutes 59 seconds

Brave fabric art on Cataclysm – in our Universe, things fall apart.  Includes narrated essay and photos of the process of making the Cataclysm image.  Inspired by Brian Swimme‘s “Powers of the Universe,” as a part of my Resilience Project series.

See the Cataclysm Video

4 Responses to “Cataclysm Art Process – Video”

  1. Marie Cooper


    I met you at SDI in San Diego at your workshop, and only today watched this beautiful, challenging, and inspiring video. Thank you! I will share it with others as we work together for a meaningful future, letting go of all that does not matter in the greater scheme of things. May your spirit continue to be blessed and to bless others.

    • melanie

      Thank you, Marie– it’s good to have company as we reimagine our responses to these times! Blessings to you also.

  2. Stephany Crane

    Discovered one of your cards in my bible, picked up at a conference years ago. Center down, clear out, listen in, rise up. Which led me to your website. And eventually to this. A blessed discovery. Thank you for your voice and vision, and thanking the God of all in all for you.

    • melanie

      Thank you for your blessings, Stephany. I’m so grateful you re-found these resources to inspire you! May we keep rising with hope.


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