Find beauty in your own story, and ours.

Feeling stuck, lost, or discouraged?  Want to jump-start a real conversation with yourself, a client, or someone you love?  Need a way to connect with the Sacred Presence?

Choose a Listen For Joy Art Card, and take a spiritual journey.

Two decks, each with 40 Art Cards and a companion booklet.

Deck fronts

Deck backs


Two-Deck set


For these Listen For Joy Art Card Decks, Melanie has chosen 80 of her most evocative images from over 20 years of paintings and fabric art.  The cards are available in two collections:  the Deep Breath Collection, and Come Through Collection.  Each comes with a brief companion booklet offering intentions and invitations for spiritual reflection and inspiration.  Both decks are also available in a Two-Deck Set.

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Project History:

Our successful Kickstarter campaign ended November 21, 2017.  308 people backed the project for $24,252– 151% of the goal!  See an archive website of the campaign here.

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