New Passage

March 2012 – watercolor, colored pencil, ink, gouache, graphite – 15×22″

Art print available

Statement:  New Passage is likely my favorite “scrap painting,” developed from a base of random marks made while the paper served as a drop-cloth behind other paintings.  This paper likely shows the outlines of parts from Celebration and Move Through.  I’d saved this particular “scrap” for several years, knowing it was beautiful and would one day know its purpose.  When it came time to create this New Passage image, I saw a series doorways that conveyed the layers of sometimes messy growth and experience in spiritual development.  Along the way we’re given guidance, symbolized by birds here, and insight, traditionally symbolized by the lotus.  The same lotus shape appears in Come Through and Surrender.  The bird shape is an echo from Bluebird of Happiness.


One Response to “New Passage”

  1. Martha Kemper

    Hi, Melanie,
    I hope you are well! I still have a collage I made when you guided us (in the Evergreens in Philly) through that process. I just saw your image (New Passage) in Friends Journal and it sends ripples of chills down my whole self! When I look at your website I am overwhelmed by the amount of work you have! and am drawn to SO MANY of your astonishing images.. But I will ask about this image (New Passage). Is it for sale? If so, what is the price? (I see that it is available as an art print. ) I don’t know that I would actually buy it, but at this moment, I am led to ask about it.



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