Jessie’s Joy

January 2001 – watercolor – 15×22″

Collection of Jessie E Brown

Art print available

2 Responses to “Jessie’s Joy”

  1. Melanie Pringle

    Hi fellow Melanie!

    I remember when you visited Guilford College in 2006 (or was it 2007?). I was completely blown away by your spirit and your work. This was the first image of yours that spoke to me on an emotional level. It’s cliche, but it gave me one of those “aha!” moments of just GETTING it, seeing the essence of my soul on paper for the first time. Thank you for your power, your humanity, and your inspiration!


    Melanie Pringle

    • melanie

      Hello, fellow Melanie! Thank you for this lovely comment and the encouragement, so many years after our meeting at Guilford. I’m pretty sure I remember you… and it’s so meaningful to me to know my art work helped make an “AHA” moment for you then. May that experience and the power of image continue to serve your heart and your spiritual journey! With joy and blessings, Melanie


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