Healing Rises

November 2008 – fabric, thread, beads – 32″ diameter

Collection of Laurie Hoff Schaad

Art print available

2 Responses to “Healing Rises”

  1. Jerry Souta Jr

    I bought this print as I am a licensed clinical social worker, employed in a community mental health center, & counsel persons with persistent mental illness and persons who struggle with a variety of addictions .

    Can you share the story behind this painting and confirm if the animals correlate to Native American animal totems.

    Can you confirm please a listing of the animals in this painting?

    Thank you- blessings on you?


    • melanie

      Hello, Jerry–

      Thanks for your important counseling work! Bless you and those who meet with you for healing.

      This art image, “Healing Rises,” is a fabric mandala commissioned by my friend Laurie Hoff Schaad. She is an energy healer using many modalities, and she chose the animal totem images to represent the various qualities she wants to embody in her practice. I’m happy if they resonate with Native American images or meanings too! One of the gifts of art is that its symbolism meets each eye and heart individually– every person gets to enjoy his or her own interpretation. I wonder what you and your clients see in the image?

      The animals were intended to be: Heron, Crow/Raven, Dragonfly, Hummingbird, Eagle, Butterfly, Owl, Goose, Spider, Bear, Snake, Wolf, Mountain Lion, Phoenix.

      Thanks for your interest, and for your support.


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