Listening to Your Spirit

Spiritual Companion / Spiritual Direction

Listening together to strengthen your inner guidance and deepen the meaning, creativity, and joy in your life.
My listening practice is currently full, so if you contact me, I will refer you to another spiritual director.  Or you can explore the resources at Spiritual Directors International:
When someone deeply listens to you, you get to overhear the best parts of yourself.  I believe that what you need is within you, but sometimes we all need a little help strengthening that inner guidance or Light within.Whatever you call the Sacred– God, Soul, Christ, Spirit, Basic Goodness, Wisdom– you can practice connecting more deeply and more often to it and to your true self.  Spiritual direction, spiritual companioning, or “soul coaching” as I sometimes call it, helps people connect more fully to their inner knowing and to shine their Light in meaningful ways.
A spiritual companion with good listening experience can serve as a strong ally for your soul. Together, youcarefully attend to your life– especially to your current situations, challenges, spiritual beliefs, and sense of purpose.  This loving attention begins to open powerful change when you both notice what blocks you and what opens you.  You overhear yourself saying what you need to hear!  Then you can expand your authenticity and creativity by finding tools for wisdom, decision-making, and for creating new life-giving patterns.  You come away renewed and inspired, more confident and relaxed for whatever comes your way.


If this kind of listening sounds valuable to you, please consider exploring the resources available at the Spiritual Directors International website.  My spiritual listening practice is currently full, so I am unable to receive new clients at this time.