Spiritual Companion / Spiritual Direction

Listening with you to strengthen your inner guidance and deepen the meaning, creativity, and joy in your life.  

Currently, my listening practice is full, so it’s likely that I will refer you to another spiritual director.  Or you can explore the resources at Spiritual Directors International:  SDIWorld.org

When someone deeply listens to you, you get to overhear the best parts of yourself.  I believe that what you need is within you, but sometimes we all need a little help strengthening that inner guidance or Light within.

Whatever you call the Sacred– God, Soul, Christ, Spirit, Basic Goodness, Wisdom– you can connect more deeply and more often to it and to your true self.  Spiritual direction, spiritual companioning, or “soul coaching” as I sometimes call it, helps people connect more fully to their inner knowing and to shine their Light in meaningful ways.  My years of spiritual listening experience make me joyfully ready to be a strong ally for your soul.

I welcome you to explore spiritual direction sessions with me by phone or Skype.  Let’s try listening together for perspectives and made-for-you practices that support your awareness, aliveness, and faith.  We will listen carefully to your life– especially to your current situations, challenges, spiritual beliefs, and sense of purpose.  This loving attention begins to open powerful change when we both notice what blocks you and what opens you.  You overhear yourself saying what you need to hear!  Then we expand your authenticity and creativity by finding tools for wisdom, decision-making, and for creating new life-giving patterns.  You come away renewed and inspired, more confident and relaxed for whatever comes your way.

Clients have said:

“Your guidance, your sacred listening, and your kindness have helped me along the path of my journey more than I can say.”

“Your listening presence today left me feeling content, affirmed, and grounded.  Thank you!”

“Thank you for the quality of presence that you bring to my life, that I carry around inside of me, that I then bring to everything else…”

“Thank you again staying connected to my story the past couple years and sending your love and support through words and art.  I will be contacting you for another spiritual coaching session….

“I appreciate your support of my aliveness and my journey to discover how to share my deepest joy.

“Thank you for our sacred time and for helping me feel increasingly whole.”

“I’m finding our time together so valuable.


Kinds of Support:

In our sessions, we are:

  •     Encouraging your intentions for spiritual growth.
  •     Coaching your authentic spirit toward its fullest and freest expression.
  •     Noticing the sacred movements and openings in your everyday life.
  •     Compassionately engaging your barriers, griefs, wounds, or “stuck places.”
  •     Supporting your transitions, decisions, or transformations.
  •     Creating space for “aha!” discoveries.
  •     Guiding your curiosity into richer spiritual and creative practices.
  •     Sharing art images, poetry, and scriptures to inspire you.
  •     Using your own art or creative work as a window into your process, if you wish.
  •     Nurturing your creativity and the particular gifts of who you are.


Melanie’s Experience:

I have an “old soul” to share with you, seasoned by years of listening practice, personal challenge, creative endeavors, and spiritual training.  For most of my life, more than 46 years now, people have been telling me their deep stories– and I love it.  I’ve also listened to God and my inner voice for as long as I can remember.  My creative life as an artist and poetry-lover also enriches my spiritual direction work, and I deeply enjoy my contemplative spiritual practice, grounded in the Quaker tradition and mindfulness meditation.

Professionally, I pursued my spiritual direction training in a Master of Divinity degree from the Earlham School of Religion, a Quaker seminary, and in a Certificate in the Art of Contemplative Listening from the Namasté Program.  I’m a member of Spiritual Directors International.

Simply put, the joy of offering spiritual direction sessions thrills my heart every time.


Spiritual Direction/Listening Sessions:

Listening together is fun, challenging, creative, and always surprising!  No two sessions are alike, yet we’ll always be focused on how you’re connecting to the Sacred.  From stories to silence, laughter to tears, struggle to delight– everything is welcome in our conversations.  We meet by phone or in Skype calls.  These distance modes really do serve as deep opportunities for support and transformation, even if we’ve never met!  Appointments last one hour, sometimes 90 minutes, and are held weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as often as works well for you.

Your first informational phone session is free of charge, so we can get to know each other and test our “fit.”  We usually have a pretty good sense in that first conversation whether we’re a good match, and if not, no problem.  Currently, my practice is full, so it’s likely that I may need to refer you to another resource person.  For future sessions, I offer a sliding fee scale, from $60-100 per hour.  After 3 or 4 meetings, we’ll evaluate how we both feel about our work together.

It’s my honor and joy to offer this work in service to your spirit.

All spiritual traditions, life backgrounds, and orientations welcomed and honored.


How Do We Start?

Please contact me for information:

Email: melanie@ListenForJoy.com 

Phone: 505-933-3102

I look forward to hearing from you. –Melanie