Prayer Stitches

I’m praying again in stitches– struck with just how wondrously lucky I feel to be conveying healing and inspiration through the work of my hands.  This blue cloth, for example, will become a sash to drape the empty chairs of two revered teachers in the Jewish tradition.  Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi isn’t well enough to travel to the upcoming Spiritual Directors International Conference in person, and his partner Eve Ilsen will remain with him at home.  We at the conference in Santa Fe will receive their offerings by video instead.  So these simple drapes embody my prayer for his healing and my gratitude for a lifetime of sacred service.

I don’t know quite why this moves me so much– even now as I type I’m a little teary with how sweet it feels to imbue each push of the needle and thread with these blessings.  An email from a friend this morning reminded me again just what a privilege this is, even though it’s also been a ton of work… whew.  After months of preparation, it will be a big, big joy (and a huge, HUGE relief) to share all this beauty and collaboration next week!  But today I am savoring the quiet gift of stitching blessings.

See the Emerging Wisdom Mandala Project page for more photos and details, now and after the conference.  Check out my favorite part– the Mandala Art Gallery featuring the work of 55 community members who gave their time and talents to make 80 table centerpieces!  What a fabulous collaboration this has been already!


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  1. Jan Gough

    Your words are as eloquent as your art, dear Melanie! What a great idea to make the sash for the chairs — it feels powerful and so right — thank you! And may you sleep for a week after this is over… huge hugs and on-going blessings – Jan


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