C O M I N G   S O O N

Listen For Joy Art Card Decks

Images inspiring connection to the Sacred Presence within us all.

Two full-color decks of 40 art cards each, plus guidebook.

Choose an Art Card while asking for insight or wisdom.

Start a soulful conversation about what you see.

Return to an image as a prayer or reminder of your best intentions.


Melanie Weidner, M.Div., is an artist and spiritual companion shaped by years of Quaker and mindful contemplative practice.  Her work embodies joy, presence, and compassion, for soul nourishment with a touch of sweetness.  For these Art Card Decks, she has chosen 80 of her most evocative images from over 20 years of paintings and fabric art.

She says, “Art-making continually surprises me as a powerfully transformative expression of soul and relationship.  I’ve spent my life exploring the essential connections between art, spirituality, and human life.  My art images arise from a combination of spiritual practice, deep love for people and Earth, and a desire to communicate meaning.  I turn to the Sacred for creative guidance and inspiration.  The art that unfolds from this listening process encourages deeper attention to our lives as they are, and sparks courageous and creative response.  Simply put, the work celebrates beauty, presence, self-reflection, compassion, and joy.”

Listen For Joy Art Cards will be available in two collections:  the Deep Breath Collection, and Come Through Collection.  Each comes with a brief guidebook offering intentions and invitations for spiritual reflection and growth.  Use individually or with groups to spur rich, meaningful conversations, inspire prayer, or bring comfort.

C O M I N G   S O O N

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